Sunday, May 3, 2009


This whole weekend was grand,
This last Friday I have have reach the twenty-third year in this trip. Now feeling a little older, a little wiser, bitter, jaded, alone and yet collected I have come to terms that waiting for the simple inevitable will never come. Good memories with the ones you care about and the merits can only come through self efforts. These days are ours. Act according.

A lot of you are wondering what and where I have been in the last three months or so. Well to make the explanation short and simple as possible. My mother, the women that bared me life has passed away a couple weeks ago and naturally I have sealed myself off to the world in order to let this scar heal over enough to face the outside once more. Looking back now on the final moments of her life and the time spent I have realized that my life while filled with friends and fond memories has been taken for granted by yours truly. How could I have known my life and my thoughts on it would take such a twisted turn by an event like this? How could I have known that with her passing it transcend a bridge to further connect to the ones in my life that really care if I come and go. I did not, But that was the kind of person she was. She was always looking out for the best interests of other before her own. And even through her death she has still managed to guide me through even the darkest dusk. How I will miss her until forever ends. And when my fate meets the same, I can only be so fortunate to meet her again.

Maria Adelaida Gomez
03.18.60 - 04.19.09
"Some other place, some other time"

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Anonymous said...

Yeah dude, it's one of those philosophy books that is quite to the point thus far. I might not agree with all that he has to say, but I'd rather read it an know what he is arguing for then just making ill informed statements, you feel me?

Dude, holy fuck less than three days away. I'm going to go nuts.